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Gabriel Castro was born and raised in New Providence, New Jersey. After moving to Florida in 2012, the desire to grow up and take control of his life, mixed in with falling into a very creative online community, helped him to discover voice-over. He started doing voices for fan-projects inspired by a popular cartoon, but was still unsure if this was something he wanted to pursue professionally. After bravely deciding to email an established voice-actress who offered coaching, he had his very first true lesson and was shocked to find himself completely thrilled. There was no longer any doubt: voice-over was his thing!

From then on, he would continue to grow and market himself where-ever he could - taking part in smaller indie projects and working an extremely large amount of part-time jobs, while also continuing to train to become part of the major franchises he loves. The dream of inspiring others to be their true selves and to become a voice of someone's childhood, like the many great actors who have shaped his life, continuously pushes him to grow and make his mark in this incredible industry.

When not acting, Gabriel runs an ever-growing family-friendly Youtube channel, creating fun "Sunbeam" Lets Plays, music, drawing art and animations, cosplaying and loves performing charity work.





vocal booth

Whisper Room MDL4242 treated with OC703


Neumann TLM103 Sennheiser MKH416


Ableton Live

Sony Soundforge

Sony Vegas Pro

and other audio editing programs




48k, 24-bit wav files (.mp3 and other file formats/specs available on request)

File splitting and other extensive

editing available with additional fees

Connect via Source Connect Standard, Skype, Zoom, Discord, etc.

ADR capable!


featured works

featured works




"Gabe, an absolute pleasure to work with, perfectly expresses the comical and wholesome nature of Moonshell Island with his enthusiastic narration, bringing a whole new level of polish that ties our teaser trailer together with clarity and charm."

—  CrabbySam, Developer of Moonshell Island

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